About us

We believe that the photographer is as important as the pictures. No longer will you be dealing with cranky photographers that won't even smile at your guests. We are young, respresentative and enthousiastic. And we radiate these qualities!

Over onze galafotografen mooie moderne gala foto's

Roeland Hoefsloot

Photographer & owner

I've been capturing events and doing studiophotography as long as I can remember. During my bachelor's I discovered that most gala's are still captured in such an old fashioned way. Way too often I grannie's curtains used as backdrops. I can make this a lot more fun and a lot more pretty!

With De Galafotograaf I bring this change, by giving your guests the images they deserve. Without the hassle of having to buy images. You will get all pictures, editted to perfection for a fair price.

Contact me and I would love to tell you more!

Piotr Kemna


My photography started as a hobby and got out of hand real quick! Where I used to shoot just for myself, I'm now doing gigs every week and delivering the best images. My specialty lies within automotive and nightlife photography.

"Aren't you...?" "Stratumseind Eindhoven? Yea, that's me"
Chances are that if you're in a picture from the longest barstreet in the Netherlands, I took it.

I love gala's. There's 'gezelligheid', music and guests dressed up their absolute best. I would love to contribute to your night with my images.